All of our stamp illustrations and artwork within Unity Stamp Company and/or Unity’s Co-Branded stamp lines are considered original artwork created and copyrighted to its artists and Unity Stamp Company. We believe in opportunity. We also believe in our artists and the work they share with our company. Unity welcomes artists who wish to sell hand-stamped works for sale using Unity Stamp Company images and grants permission in the form of a limited license for use of its images.

Please consider the following criteria when deciding to share your art for sale:

  1. Each work of art created must be hand-stamped by the selling artist and may not be mechanically reproduced. As the hand-stamping artist you assume full responsibility for the quality of work you produce. Unity is not responsible for any/all disputes that may/may not arise from your work.
  2. Unity’s images may not be copied in any way or by any means including graphic, electronic, mechanical and/or photocopying. You have NOT purchased the copyright. Black and white and/or color line versions of Unity’s illustrations, may ABSOLUTELY NOT be sold, stamped out and sold or RENTED. You may NOT re-sell, distribute, give away the hand-stamped images in any way to include by not limited to: image swaps. YOU MAY NOT BUY our stamps and RENT THEM OUT to other stampers for a price or profit. You may not scan and put the original image (in a good resolution) on websites which might allow others to download/steal it. Also you may NOT stamp merge two images together, mechanically reproduce it and/or photocopy it with the intent to distribute.
  3. There are no quantity limits for sale.
  4. You may not use the images for logos and/or company trademarks or promotional material of any kind. You may not use the images for any other electronic medium to include, but not limited to, blog design, web design or any other internet-related businesses or ventures.
  5. Whenever and wherever possible, the Unity Stamp Company trademarks and copyrights should be displayed: Purchase the rubber stamp logo for your projects


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