Angie Girl Faces

Angie Blom
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Created by Angie Blom.

 These faces will fit most of the Angie Girl stamps but not all.

  • Faces measure approximately .25" x .25" each.

NOT AVAILABLE for WHOLESALE!! Our Very. Small. Stamps are always in one bag. It is our way of offering them to you at high quality and very inexpensive. To print packaging for each and then to pack them separately would mean that our costs would have to be higher on these. It would be very tedious to do this. We don’t offer our very. small. stamps to stores – they are exclusive to our online customers – so we thought that putting them all in one bag would be acceptable.

All Unity Stamps are pre-cut, mounted on cling foam and ready to use right out of the package – you can mount our stamps on any acrylic block.

Unity is known for its HIGH QUALITY red rubber stamp – to be used for years to come.

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Melanie Buecker Nov 17th 2017

Read the description

I failed to read the description. These faces fit some Angie girls but not all. On the smaller heads they do however look great! It's worth having them in your stash in my opinion